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In this section,01/06/2012

We give the floor to foreign businessmen set up in Monaco, asking them to talk about their everyday life in the Principality: a Monaco that is far from the «clichés». ...[Read more]

Zsolt Lavotha, Chairman of MVCA31/05/2012

Zsolt Lavotha was born in Hungary, has a Hungarian and Swedish Citizenship, and moved to Monaco in 2003. He is currently an Advisor to the Private Equity, Venture Capital, Life Science Industry, and is the Chairman & President of the Executive Board of Monaco Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (MVCA). MVCA is a non-profit......[Read more]

Antonella Patras, Dean at the International University of Monaco31/05/2012

An Italian national, Antonella Patras is the Dean at the International University of Monaco which offers a range of business management programmes at Bachelor, Masters, MBA, Executive MBA and Doctorate level. > How did you come to be in Monaco? When I was doing my PhD, I obtained a research grant to work on a project in the Dieudonné......[Read more]

William Easun, Lawyer31/05/2012

Born in England in 1955, William Easun is a British subject from an old established family. Based in Monaco since 1980, he is now the Managing Partner of Lawrence Graham Monaco, a legal adviser on private international law for the Lawrence Graham LLP firm in London. > How did you come to be in Monaco? In 1979, having finished my law studies......[Read more]

Thierry Boutsen, Corporate jet broker31/05/2012

A Belgian national, Thierry Boutsen was a racing driver until 1999. he then turned his second passion, flying, into a profession to work in the aviation industry, or more specifically as a corporate jet broker. Monaco gave him the opportunity to set up SAM Boutsen Aviation in 1997, a steadily growing business with 228 planes sold to date, new and......[Read more]

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